Meme Kombat’s AMA session delivers key project updates

Meme Kombat founder reassured the community about the long-term stability of the $MK token amidst short-term price fluctuations

On April 8, Meme Kombat, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) crypto project, conducted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, providing an in-depth look into recent developments and upcoming plans.

Led by Matt Whiteman, the Meme Kombat founder, the discussion included Zeus, a new addition to the Meme Kombat team, and Hermes, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the project's trajectory.

Matt discussed the significance of Zeus joining the team, highlighting his role in community engagement and development initiatives.

A significant portion of the session was devoted to addressing community concerns, notably the potential reactivation of the Telegram community.

While acknowledging the community's desire for its return, the team stressed the importance of implementing effective moderation strategies to prevent issues encountered in the past.

Another key topic was the volatility of the $MK token's price and market sentiment. Matt reassured the community, emphasizing the team's steadfast commitment to the token's long-term stability and value, notwithstanding short-term fluctuations.

Plans for Season 2 of the project were also elucidated, encompassing details on start dates and new features aimed at enhancing user engagement and gameplay experiences.

Additionally, the team discussed their endeavors to explore listing opportunities on centralized exchanges, despite challenges posed by market dynamics.

Throughout the AMA, community members had the opportunity to pose questions and voice their concerns, which were met with transparency and reassurance from the team.

Topics ranged from regulatory considerations to strategies for fostering community participation, underscoring the project's commitment to addressing and incorporating community feedback.

As the session drew to a close, the team expressed gratitude for the community's unwavering support and pledged to follow up on unanswered questions. They reiterated their commitment to transparency, engagement, and the long-term success and growth of the Meme Kombat project.

At the beginning of March, Meme Kombat concluded its presale with an impressive $10 million raised, drawing attention from investors and enthusiasts.

In September 2023, Meme Kombat initiated its presale for the $MK token, which boasts a total token supply of 12 million.

Providing staking options and dedicating 10% of the overall supply to community rewards, the project blends features from meme coins, play-to-earn gaming, and gambling. On March 16, Meme Kombat's inaugural season officially launched.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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