McAfee denounces $1m BTC estimate

John McAfee has now rebuked the claim of his earlier self that BTC could ever attain such value, crediting the statement as “nonsense,” and “absurd,” and urging people to “wake up” to the realities of bitcoin.

This time, McAfee had arguments to use, arguing that should bitcoin ever hit $1 million in value, that would have amounted to the entire GDP of North America, Canada, Mexico and the USA combined.

McAfee is no longer embracing bitcoin as the leading crypto token out there, arguing that it’s instead the most crippled crypto technology. While bitcoin certainly has had its challenges to address, there have been many positive developments in other blockchains.

For example, the TRON network has emerged as a prime use case for crypto gambling, providing low cost, fast and secure transactions which the bitcoin network has sometimes struggled to offer.

Companies such as WINk and FortuneJack have been quick to embrace the TRON blockchain and token, and offer some of the best TRX casino and sports betting bonuses for new players.

McAfee, though, doesn’t seem too keen to embrace any other solution. Instead, he has drawn attention to his new cryptocurrency called HEX, which should in theory turn out to be an easier entry point for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies in the first place.

McAfee’s track record hasn’t been spotless. He was deemed a “person of interest” in connection with the murder of American expatriate Gregory Viant Faull, and he admitted to copy-pasting from an open source project to launch his “Ghost” initiative, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

It’s almost surprising that McAfee still hasn’t tried to give gaming and gambling cryptocurrencies a shot. And with the success of casinos such as, it’s clear that bitcoin as a gambling token still has a lot to offer for interested entrepreneurs.

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