Mailchimp pulls the plug on cryptocurrency companies

Email marketing company Mailchimp has slammed the door shut on cryptocurrency firms.

The decision came without so much as a warning, which has put many companies in a difficult position, trying to redirect their email services and deliver on newsletters and info bulletins.

Edge Wallet and Messari, two prominent names in the cryptocurrency industry, rushed to social media to inform followers and consumers that their Mailchimp accounts had been terminated.

Joelly Garcia, community manager for Edge, confirmed the news on Twitter, and explained that she had only become aware of the restriction when she tried to log into the platform.

Other cryptocurrency companies have also railed against the company. Prominent figures such as the Ethereum Foundation’s Sam Richards questioned the decision to suspend accounts without notifying customers or establishing a grace period so that companies could shift their distribution models.

Mailchimp’s own services have been less than stellar as well. The company became the victim of a security breach which was then leveraged to mail phishing attacks to customers, some of whom fell victim to the scams and lost cryptocurrencies by following untrustworthy links.

Mailchimp though dismissed the incident and said that it had done everything to ensure that consumers were protected.

The company said that hackers were particularly interested in targeting consumers who are subscribed to financial and cryptocurrency emails.

It’s possible that Mailchimp’s decision was motivated by fear that its databases may be targeted further down the road by bad parties who are looking to dupe cryptocurrency investors out of their holdings.

Either way, Mailchimp should have probably given the companies sending newsletters to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of consumers a warning of the change in policy.

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