Ledger hackers threaten consumers

A duo of scammers who hacked Ledger's database has been sending threats of physical violence to victims unless they posted ransom money to the tune of $12,000.

With the latest data breach affecting 20,000 Ledger customers, people have started receiving personalized threats and promises of physical confrontation.

A duo of ALIAS scammers, Darrin Burlew and Denni Hornig (unlikely to be the extortionists real names) has been posting emails to people threatening “the horrible things that could happen to them and their loved ones,” with the actual physical address of the victim attached to make their case.

To avoid a possible confrontation, the extortionists have been asking to be bought out for either 0.3 Bitcoin or 10 Ether, around $12,000 in face value at current rates.

A Redditor by the name of Crypthomie has said that the threat should be addressed seriously, even if scammers usually didn't approach any of their victims.

One comment reassured victims, but still agreed that the depth of the data breach was outrageous: “Don't be fooled people, no one will come to your home to kill you but this feeling of insecurity is a scandal and Ledger has to do something about it.”

Another user Tweeted that his information had been leaked, attaching a screenshot of an email he had received from one of the scammers:

The hacking attack on Ledger began back in June and July 2020 when 1,075,382 email addresses were leaked by Ledger, mainly those associated with the company's newsletter.

However, personal information and the information of 272,853 hardware wallet orders have also been leaked, leading to a dangerous precedent.

In reality, it's very unlikely any of the scammers would even dare come close to any of the victims as they would risk exposure. Nevertheless, Ledger should have done a much better job of protecting consumers when one of its touted products is secure crypto wallets.

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