Latest Wagerr results showing growth

Wagering on the sports betting site have started to inch up in terms of volume, and while the road to recovery has been a slow one, it's been steadily building confidence.

The betting volume reached 5,622,396 $WGR from 292 events in the week, and the USD value was estimated at $176,082, a solid weekly volume. The operator’s net mint/burn results showed -165,121 and the biggest burn was registered on an FC Seoul selection.

The biggest mint came on Sandefjord Kristiansund vs Sandefjord with 440,799 WGR. Interestingly, basketball hasn't attracted as much action, even though the NBA season restart has arrived, packing some six games in a day.

Most punters have opted for soccer, which may be a suggestion where the biggest focus among Wagerr's community is. Soccer is definitely a great market to bet on, but Wagerr would benefit from attracting audiences interested in betting on the NBA and other US sports.

Overall, Wagerr's USD betting volume per week has started to recover after it took a tumble from it's year-high on January 19, 2020. The company is far from reaching its peak that was registered in October 2019, but this is partly to the lockdown and suspension on hundreds of sporting contests.

Soccer has definitely been kind to Wagerr as earlier results have shown, and its building a name for itself amongst other crypto sportsbooks, including Cloudbet and

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