Lana Rhoades rug pulls NFT project

Lana Rhoades recently had a successful NFT collection sale which brought in over $1.5m in revenue.

The former adult video actress quickly abandoned the project and rug-pulled the funds due to negative feedback and many are left holding valueless images.

Many investors are now angry at the long-term promises advertised with her project which never came true.

Prior to launch, Lana Rhoades had advertised her new NFT project, Cryptosis, as a lucrative investment deal.

In her social media stories she portrayed the NFTs as having value that would increase with the amount of work being put into the project. The NFT collections were simply cartoon style images of herself but there was a deeper promise of utility behind the collection.

Rhoades’ NFT collection was apparently going to come with additional benefits which included meeting current and former adult actresses in person and much more.

The Crypto Sis website had an extensive roadmap which showed additional NFT drops would happen, private discussion groups could be joined with Rhoades and even promised top NFT holders would have five Ethereum distributed to them.

Many people believed this project was going to be a huge success due to the amount of demand there was for the initial sale. Unfortunately, the project did not last more than a week as Rhoades announced she was quitting the project due to negative publicity.

When Rhoades announced she was quitting the project she quickly withdrew all the funds out of the wallet. The amount withdrawn was over $1.5m and the funds were initially intended to help build the project over the next few years.

There were over 6000 different users holding these NFTs. Many of them pleaded with her on social media sites claiming they had trusted her with their savings. One man posted that he had invested all his family's money into the project and now he could not even sell any of them.

Sadly, one of the biggest supporters of Crypto Sis had the project’s logo tattooed on to his body. This tattoo could serve as a reminder to avoid celebrity endorsements when it comes to investing and digital assets.

It is unknown whether there will be any legal action taken against Lana Rhoades or her team. One of the members of the team was even brazen enough to suggest they would create a new NFT project in the same message in which they said Lana Rhoades was not coming back.

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Written by Tudor

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