La Jolla Farms East emerges as a dominant player in Photo Finish

La Jolla Farms East employs a dynamic racing strategy focused on understanding each horse's strengths

In the fast-paced Photo Finish LIVE world of virtual horse racing, one stable has been making waves and catching the attention of enthusiasts and investors alike. La Jolla Farms East has risen to prominence within Photo Finish LIVE with its strategic investments and dedication to excellence.

With a 7-figure minority ownership stake in the La Jolla Fields track, La Jolla Farms East has established itself as a key player in the $CROWN horse business, currently ranked as the 11th stable in the Photo Finish LIVE game.

Founded by a sole owner, who also oversees La Jolla Farms West alongside their brother, the stable has recently expanded with the addition of La Jolla Farms CO.

The journey into the world of Photo Finish LIVE began for La Jolla Farms East back in September 2021. Intrigued by the community's vibrant discussions and the fully transparent nature of the team, the stable's owner was drawn in by the potential for success.

Since then, they have invested between $100,000 to $200,000 into the platform, reaping rewards with net career racing and breeding earnings surpassing $750,000.

Beyond their virtual stable, the owner leads a busy life as a certified public accountant, managing a firm with around 50 employees. Despite the demands of their profession, the allure of Photo Finish LIVE has become increasingly difficult to resist, with the potential to surpass traditional income sources becoming a tantalizing possibility.

La Jolla Farms East's racing strategy is as dynamic as their real-world career. With a focus on understanding each horse's strengths and preferences, they aim for victory rather than mere monetary gain. Learning from seasoned veterans and embracing innovative techniques, such as utilizing the charts tab for race analysis, the stable continually evolves its approach to stay ahead of the competition.

In breeding, La Jolla Farms East takes a methodical approach, stacking stats and experimenting with bloodlines to create competitive offspring. They foresee an exciting future as gen0 and PFPs gradually fade away, believing that strategic breeding will become even more crucial in maintaining a competitive edge.

For newcomers to the Photo Finish LIVE scene, La Jolla Farms East offers sage advice. Emphasizing the importance of budgeting and diversification, they advocate for a balanced approach to investment, ensuring sustainability and long-term success in the ever-expanding virtual racing world.

Photo Finish LIVE is currently in its Season 14 which kicked off recently with thrilling events, including more graded stakes races and juiced-up streaming events.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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