KuCoin finds 35% of soccer fans engage with web3

The exchange also found 48% of crypto investing soccer fans wanted to trade fan tokens during World Cup 2022.

A survey has found that 35% of soccer fans asked had already dipped their toe in web3, saying they had traded NFTs in the past six months, with 42% saying they were interested in investing in sports NFTs (presumably soccer-related).

Even better, 48% of the soccer fans said they were interested in trading fan tokens for various sports teams during the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament.

The findings were compiled by cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin in its When Crypto Meets Football report. It looked at how many crypto investors were also soccer fans, and surveyed a total of 20,180 crypto investors between January and September.

An additional 8,022 users in KuCoin communities were also surveyed in the first half of November.

Approximately 40% of crypto investors in Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, and Vietnam​ have self-identified as soccer fans.

With the amount of interest the survey research uncovered at the intersection between soccer and crypto, it probably comes as no surprise that 70% of crypto investors said they were going to watch the matches in the World Cup.

To celebrate with fans, and help bridge Web2 and Web 3, KuCoin was involved in multiple events. You can join its World Cup Winner Predictions tournament. It launched November 21 and will run through December 18.

All fans have to do in order to participate is download the KuCoin Wallet App if they don’t have it already, and sign in. The first sign in brings 40 free points.

For those looking for even more betting action, there’s always more options.

UBET Sports also launched its World Cup Betting Tournament just a couple of days ago, available on its soon-to-be “super DApp”. The UBET Sports DApp enables its users to stake in UBET’s liquidity pool, place wagers on sports, and even earn interest on investments.

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Written by Kyamil Nasuf


Kyamil is a big tech fan, who loves hummus on everything and has enjoyed writing from a young age. He's had experience in writing anything from essays, through personal art, to news pieces and more serious tech analysis. In recent years he’s found fintech and gambling collide with all his interests, so he truly is a great fit to our team.

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