Konami Unleashes First NFT Collection

Nostalgia is back in the air as Konami celebrates the 35th anniversary of the release of Castlevania with an NFT collection.

The collection will feature artwork and music from the game and will also feature the buyer’s names on their website. This is the first ever NFT collection from Konami and will be available on OpenSea on January 12.

This collection will not be part of a game but instead will showcase retro art and music from decades ago. It will feature 14 different NFTs with various game scenes, background music and newly drawn visuals from the Castlevania history.

Three of the NFTs in the collection are non-animated images, showing different characters and the map of Dracula's castle while the rest are animated NFTs with gameplay and scenes from various levels in Castlevania.

There is currently no utility attached to these NFTs but that could change in the future. The name of the buyer will be put on the website but that seems to be limited to only this year. There is no set price to this collection as they will be put on auction at the same time.

The Konami NFT release was not highly praised. Many gamers over the last few months have become fiercely negative toward NFTs as various gaming studios have explored the possibility of adding their own digital collectibles to games.

These digital collectibles are viewed by gamers as another tool to extract money from players while offering no real value. It doesn’t help that the first gaming studios to announce NFT collectibles have all recently been in the spotlight for offering poor, unfinished games at outrageous prices. The gaming communities believe that companies will use this as a ploy to extract more money from players while offering very little.

Many of the gaming studios believe that NFTs are not going to go away and that all newly released games will eventually have them. Crypto enthusiasts online have written posts explaining how NFTs in games can be beneficial and add to the experience of gameplay but many admit the technology is not where it needs to be at the moment for this to be possible.

The future of gaming and NFTs has a long way to go but it looks like no one is giving up.

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Written by Tudor

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