signs deal with soccer insider Fabrizio Romano

Romano has a dedicated following of 18.3m on Twitter and 500,000 on Twitch

In a strategic move to solidify its standing in the competitive streaming landscape,, a streaming platform to rival Twitch, has recently secured a significant addition to its lineup.

Renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano, celebrated for his unmatched insights into the world of soccer, has inked a deal with Kick.

Kick has been consistently making waves by attracting prominent figures from various domains. The platform's notable collaborators encompass a range of luminaries, such as chess prodigy Hikaru Nakamura and chart-topping musician Drake.

Prominent video game streamers started leaving Twitch for Kick due to changes in Twitch's revenue-sharing policies that caused discontent within the streaming community.

Notable streamers like Ninja and Amouranth announced their departure from Twitch in favor of Kick, which offers higher revenue potential with a 95% subscription revenue retention and 100% tip retention for streamers. Kick even signed a $100m non-exclusive two-year contract with xQc to attract the top Twitch streamer to its roster of talent.

The latest coup for Kick is the signing of Fabrizio Romano, a name synonymous with soccer news accuracy. With an extensive following of 18.3m on X (formerly Twitter), Romano has positioned himself as a preeminent authority in the sport. His trademark phrase “Here we go” has become a rallying cry for fans seeking breaking transfer news.

Romano, previously an active streamer on Twitch with over 500,000 followers, has transitioned his digital presence to Kick. His enormous influence is poised to usher a fresh wave of supporters to the platform, given the staggering amount of his followers. 

Fans of both Romano and Kick have responded fervently to the news, with many hailing it as a groundbreaking transfer. The streamer's proven track record for early news breakage, combined with Kick's expanding clout, promises a potent collaboration that is set to reshape the way soccer enthusiasts engage with the sport's latest developments.

In spite of the tempting prospect of increased revenue, numerous mainstream creators are still cautious about joining Kick due to concerns regarding its affiliation with the crypto-gambling platform 

Last week Streamer xQc's involvement in gambling content, partnering with for a sponsored Kick broadcast, ignited discussions and debates within the streaming community.

A standout moment saw xQc win over $500,000 on slots during the stream, leading to skepticism and concerns about the legitimacy of the unregulated crypto casino. 

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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