Kamari CEO Chris Cleverly on bringing blockchain gaming to Africa

Please could you introduce Kamari and the background on the project?

Kamari is a blockchain platform aiming to build a massive digital ecosystem starting in Africa around lotteries, gaming, and our new Kamari coin (KAM). The project was founded by a team of seasoned online gaming experts who have operated sites in gaming in over 100 different countries. The aim is to revolutionise the growing online gaming industry in Africa, we are focusing on creating a transparent and fair gaming platform for the entire African continent.

Who is the team behind Kamari?

The team is made of an extremely experienced group of business leaders with experience in both gaming and lotteries and working in Africa. Myself, I am a former barrister by trade and have made it my mission to help bring development mechanisms to Africa which can empower Africans to seize their own destiny. My journey began during the 1990s when I attended King’s Law College and became a barrister. After graduating, I founded the Trafalgar Chambers in the U.K., and became the youngest head of chambers in over a century. In 2005 I founded the Made In Africa Foundation, an organization he has guided to fulfill my dream of bringing systemic infrastructure change to Africa.

Kamari CEO Chris Cleverly on bringing blockchain gaming to Africa

Africa's iGaming sector has been growing significantly in recent years, led by mobile gaming products. How will Kamari tap into this growth?

This is one of the huge markets that we see an incredible opportunity. We plan to tap into this growth through our new KAM coin. As the currency for our digital gaming and lotteries ecosystem, it will integrate with existing mobile payment operators throughout Africa and will create an app-based wallet for a seamless gaming experience. Africa currently already makes 57% of all mobile transaction and will continue to grow as the access to infrastructure continues to grow. By leveraging existing infrastructure and forming strategic relationships with local operators we will rapidly expand Kamaris user base.

What are the key features of the Kamari product?

By creating a single, united standard for lotteries, gaming and sports betting we can create larger prize pools which ultimately will create larger gifts to social projects that will create a positive impact for the region. By building a strong brand around Kamari and implementing physical PoS points with retailers people will have an easy and seamless way to participate in Kamari products.

How big an opportunity is there for blockchain-based gaming in Africa?

The opportunity is enormous. It has been predicted that as the population of Africa doubles, going to 2 billion people in the next 30 years the GDP of the region will increase by a factor of 10, to over 30 Trillion dollars. This is a tremendous opportunity.

Gaming across Africa also suffers from a chronic institutional distrust, and many citizens do not trust their governments to fairly hold lotteries or regulate digital casinos fairly. The fluctuating exchange rates across Africa become irrelevant when using a decentralized blockchain network that can operate across borders. The cost of doing business in Africa is also much lower than Western countries where labor costs and energy costs are higher. This leads to a prime opportunity for investment in blockchain technologies that are based in Africa.

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