Justin Sun seeks approval from Ethereum founder

Tron Foundation co-founder Justin Sun has taken to Twitter to encourage Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin to adopt a more favorable stance towards TRON.

“I kinda wish @VitalikButerin to tweet more about #TRON, positively”, he said in the tweet.

He specifically addressed critics who have argued that ‘Tron is junk' and has no actual use.

Sun suggested that he would not mind seeing Buterin share a few positive opinions about TRON.

Sun then went on to highlight how far TRON had come in enforcing a positive and reliable framework.

Sun mentioned that he loved Ethereum and that had it not been for ETH, TRON's scope and reach would have been much smaller.

As Sun discussed ETH and TRON, some users asked if ETH transactions are much faster and cheaper than their TRX counterparts.

The TRON community believes that their solution is a much better streamlined version and that those outside the community would benefit immensely from adopting the solution.

The discussion under Sun's post took a distinctly pro-TRON angle, arguing that Ethereum is going to lose some of its momentum owing to TRON's better overall product quality.

Whatever criticism may be aimed at Ethereum, TRON aficionados must be aware of the ETH upgrade which is expected on December 1.

It should give the ecosystem a fresh start. CGN loves both ecosystems and believe they have a lot of potential.

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