FunFair recently launched its first major white-label in partnership with affiliate network RakeTheRake. We spoke with FunFair co-founder Jez San and RakeTheRake founder and CEO Karim Wilkins to find out more.

This is the first major white-label partnership for FunFair. How big a milestone is it to finally go live with RakeTheRake?

Jez San: Launching such a strong brand with RakeTheRake in is a major milestone for FunFair and we’re very confident in its long-term success. We’ve already proven our concept with the launch of CasinoFair last year and Crypto Casino marks our first fully external brand. It sets our stall out from a FunFair point of view as the leading blockchain casino provider and will showcase our white label proposition in its truest form.

We’ve developed a strong community of FUN holders and followers since launch, and we’re delighted to deliver this second brand to them. Likewise, RakeTheRake bring significant experience on the marketing and acquisition side with their affiliate business and will be a great marketing asset to help drive adoption of our platform.

Could you talk us through the process of getting live since announcing the partnership with RakeTheRake last year? What were the main challenges? How closely have you worked with RakeTheRake?

Jez San: A process such as this has many moving parts, one of which was the continued iteration of CasinoFair. Improving our existing casino operation to a level that we thought suitable for external partners was key, and with the recent launch of our affiliates technology, various new games and ongoing and improvements to the KYC procedure, we are now in a strong position to showcase Crypto Casino as a premium blockchain offering right from the off.

In terms of our partnership, the heavy lifting in terms of development and building out the white label has been held fully on our side, with RakeTheRake providing branding, design assets and setting up their marketing tools and social channels. This clear separation has ensured a fairly seamless roll out of the casino itself, once all improvements to the platform had been made beforehand at CasinoFair.

Launching such a strong brand with RakeTheRake in is a major milestone for FunFair and we’re very confident in its long-term success.

Jez San, co-founder, FunFair Technologies

Now you are live with a third-party operator, what is next on the agenda? Can we expect similar deals to be announced soon?

Jez San: Firstly, we need to ensure we nail down a premium account management service with our first external brand. This will be a first foray into casino marketing from RakeTheRake, as well as being our first fully managed white label. We’re going to be all hands on deck over the coming weeks to bring to life Crypto Casino’s promotional offerings and marketing requirements on the frontend, while also ensuring all is working as well as we’re confident it should do on the backend.

From there, we’re looking forward to enabling Crypto Casino affiliates with our on-chain referral technology that will allow anyone to earn from linked players in real-time, while more exciting games across a number of genres are soon to be launched. A new wallet is on its way which will significantly improve onboarding and our platform will be fully mobile optimised shortly, opening a vast new audience of potential players to both Crypto Casino and CasinoFair. is RakeTheRake’s first foray into operating a casino. What was it about FunFair’s technology that persuaded you to make the leap? What features of the finished product are you most proud about?

Karim Wilkins: Over recent years we’ve become acutely aware of blockchain’s potential to change betting and gaming for the better. Being heavily involved in poker affiliation, we’ve come across many interesting characters lauding the technology and as a topic of discussion it was becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Around this time, FunFair had just launched off the back of a successful ICO and it came to our attention that if their technology backed up what they said it could do, then it would be a no-brainer to add a low-cost white label to our group. The ability to tap into a vast new gaming audience, many of whom had not been active in traditional gaming previously, as well as the lucrative potential that this opportunity could entail, meant we took our first steps to bringing our white label to life.

FunFair’s mission of fair gaming, coupled with the simplicity of going live with a white label, resonated with us and with some good contacts already working there, Crypto Casino came about.

In terms of features, obviously we’re incredibly happy with the brand and design aspect.

Crypto Casino does what it says on the tin and we’re confident its simplicity and brand strength will allow us to drive acquisition at a good rate in the initial weeks. Combined with a playful look and feel that we feel will appeal to the upper millennial audience who we see active in crypto and blockchain, we’re confident we’re onto a winner.

Having not worked with blockchain technology in a professional manner before, are you approaching the launch cautiously or are you ready to hit the ground running?

Karim Wilkins: We’re hitting the ground running. As I mentioned, this partnership with FunFair is reliant from a tech point of view on their expertise in developing blockchain gaming solutions and supplying it to external partners. Due to this, we’re definitely not concerned that we’ll be holding back while we find our feet.

Our team has a strong understanding of the potential size of the crypto and blockchain audience and its various demographics from a marketing viewpoint, and this has helped shape our brand and forthcoming marketing campaigns. It’s very exciting to get this out the door so we can now start the proper business from our side in driving those players to Crypto Casino.

Partnering with FunFair gives access to around 65,000 FUN holders. How important is this community in the growth of the casino? Will you also be targeting players new to FUN?

Karim Wilkins: A ready-made market of FUN holders was definitely one of the things that initially attracted us, particularly with their global spread. We’re also conscious that FUN and ERC-20 tokens in general are becoming more and more accessible on exchanges with better rates and greater liquidity so we’re looking to the wider crypto audience as well.

On top of this, we have direct access to our affiliated players that we’ve dealt with in a poker capacity in the past. From our research, the online poker audience has a good understanding of cryptocurrency and many crossover into the casino vertical as well. We feel they’re well-primed to be the next major adopters of blockchain gaming and we’re ready to send them the way of and a world of fair, fast and fun casino gaming.

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