IMF releases cryptocurrency video

The world’s financial regulator has published a video explaining in some depth what cryptocurrencies are and why they could be “the next step in the evolution of money.”

The push for the digitalisation of money isn’t new. There have been many calls to focus everything through banks as that allows the best transparency and easiest way to track individual payments.

Yet, not everyone has embraced the idea, especially those people who are reluctant to give too much control to the government over what happens with their finances. To balance between a trusted, transparent and safe payment option, more people have been turning to cryptocurrencies.

So much that now even the IMF has felt obliged to provide people with a more considered and explanatory approach. The video has been watched more than half a million times at the time of reporting, with more than 800 comments.

There have been many remarks that the IMF “is learning fast,” and that those crypto assets are the future of money “no questions asked.”

The IMF hasn’t mentioned a single cryptocurrency, though, opting to keep neutrality in the matter altogether.

Meanwhile, there have been many great cryptocurrencies out there, and many users didn’t miss the opportunity to tout the power of USDT, BTC, and various other popular tokens.

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