How much will Tesla cars cost in Bitcoin?

The news that Tesla will allow you to purchase its cars for Bitcoin has reverberated in the world of car makers and has made the odd Bitcoin user scour their crypto wallet piggy-banks.

Yet, how much exactly is a car going to cost? This depends. The price of Bitcoin fluctuates rapidly, and at current rates, the Tesla $1.5bn investment rally is particularly good if you have Bitcoin in the bank.

Priced at $46,000 this may be the time to purchase the Model S Tesla with all the perks. Worth roughly $149,990, you will need about 3.15 BTC to afford it, but should the price tank, back to say, $30,000, you may have missed a golden opportunity.

But here is the caveat. Tesla is not yet allowing you to cash in your Bitcoin for vehicles, and this is understandable, given the fact that BTC's price will be all over the place. Yet, if you want to purchase a 263-mile vehicle from Tesla, you will need less than 1 Bitcoin.

For the Model Y, you might need to shed 1.5 BTC or hope that a new rally will take the value even farther, increasing your own wealth in the process.

Our personal favorite is Cybertruck, the unbreakable futuristic Tesla car that ended up cracking a window on stage with Elon Musk flashing a playful smile.

Tesla is now in Bitcoin, and this means many opportunities to acquire real goods. With PayPal also enabling crypto transactions there is quite a bit you can do. If you don't feel like owning a vehicle, you can collect over $320,000 in free bonus money at various casinos, including 1xBit, FortuneJack and

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