Home Improvement star accused of crypto scam

Zachery Ty Bryan is accused of selling $50,000 worth of non-existent tokens

‘Home Improvement’ star Zachery Ty Bryan is accused of stealing $50,000 of people's money as part of a cryptocurrency scam.

Bryan is best known for his role as Brad Taylor on Home Improvement, starring alongside Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Bryan is being accused by four people of scamming $50,000 to buy digital coins for a start-up called Producers Market, promising to invest it in a cryptocurrency opportunity that did not exist.

The former child star was brought on as an adviser by the company after hearing that he amassed a fortune on Bitcoin and was considering a token sale.

Shortly after coming on board, Bryan started promoting the digital tokens despite Producers Market not establishing a token sale and ultimately deciding against doing so.

One woman said she pulled together $5,000 after going on a date with Bryan, who convinced her to invest and presented her with a contract before she handed over the money.

A spokesperson for Producers Market stated when the company discovered that Bryan was offering the non-existent tokens, it ‘immediately issued a cease-and-desist demand to him.’

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan said: “This was not me running some shady scam deal or something, that's just not me.”

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Written by David Kent

David has more than a decade of sports betting and sports writing experience working with some of the biggest names in the industry. He focuses on articles covering these subjects including how crypto is transforming sportsbooks.