Helika launches $50m fund to boost blockchain gaming

Helika Accelerate will now put forward $50m to back early-stage studios that are developing blockchain games

Spanish AI-powered analytics firm Helika has launched a new $50 million crypto accelerator, aptly called Helika Accelerate, which aims to help spearhead development in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, leading to sustained growth and increased revenue opportunities.

Helika Accelerate is backed by a number of companies that have come together to raise the sum as they look for potential studios to invest in. Among those that have coughed up are Spartan Capital, Pantera, and Sfermion.  According to Helika co-founder and CEO Anton Umnov, this investment will significantly boost game developers’ ability to understand the sector better and advance on a firmer foothold, overcoming traditional hurdles that could have otherwise interfered with their progress.

Helika is not a chance name in the industry either, as it has worked with a number of companies from both the traditional video gaming industry and the blockchain industry interested in expanding the reach of their products in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

As a result, Helika Accelerate will allow companies to garner a better understanding of how tokenomics work, as well as get access to data analytics, and marketing. Helika also will make available its AI game management platform which makes it possible for studios to understand in real-time how consumers interact with different platforms, how different non-fungible tokens perform, as well as further understand social media and trends that could help drive designer decisions.

Helika Accelerate will also seek out “early-stage studios” that can benefit the most from the funds and guidance provided by the company. This new funding announcement comes shortly after Helika actually raised $8 million in a Series A funding round, which also included some of its present backers, including Sfermion and Pantera, but also others, such as Animoca and Diagram.

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