Hamsters.gg team gives insight into token burns and more

Live-streamed hamster race platform took to social media to explain the process

Hamsters.gg has given a bit more insight into the effectiveness of its token burns. The Hamsters.gg team took to social media in response to a question from another user.

User Moon Dev wrote:

“Nice hustle on those buybacks and burns, fam but tbh, isn’t burning tokens just a temporary fix? How do you see it affecting the project’s long-term growth?

The question gave the HamstersGG the chance to explain in detail a little more of what happens when running token-burning sessions.

Hamsters.gg admin responded, saying:

“Well, I wouldn’t call burning tokens ‘temporary’. Compiled with marketing, buybacks, and further development creates a very strong floor.

“Yes, burning is a ‘small’ portion of this but it’s HUGE in the long run for supply. 

Hamsters.gg has taken the crypto bet world by storm with its HAMS token gaining over 1000% in value over the weekend of July 22-23.

The HAMS token saw an incredible surge from $0.29 to $3.31, reaching a market capitalization of $18.1 million at its peak. 

However, later on, HAMS saw a sharp decline with its market cap dropping to around $7.6 million.

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Written by David Kent

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