Hamsters.gg launches community contest for $HAMS token

The competition celebrates the integration of $HAMS tipping on Discord

Hamsters.gg, the pioneering platform for live-streamed hamster racing and betting, has unveiled an exciting community competition to engage its users and celebrate the integration of $HAMS tipping within the Discord server.

The announcement made by Hamsters.gg's official Twitter account details the contest's vibrant offerings. The event encourages participants to submit their most captivating images and videos centering around the themes of $HAMS and the hamsters' dynamic world.

To participate, contestants must adhere to a few fundamental guidelines. The content should revolve around the $HAMS cryptocurrency or the hamsters.gg platform. Submissions must be suitable for sharing on social media and comply with the standards of safe and appropriate content. But most importantly, the submissions need to be original creations, disallowing direct copying and pasting without modifications.

As for the creative direction, participants are encouraged to venture into the realms of humor and artistry, or even merge the two into one creation. The goal is to astonish and entertain with an array of imaginative entries.

The incentive to take part in the competition is amplified by the impressive prizes up for grabs. For the ‘Best Image' category, the rewards include a substantial 200 $HAMS for the first-place winner, followed by 100 $HAMS for the second-place entry and 50 $HAMS for the third-place participant.

For those drawn to the visual storytelling prowess of videos, the ‘Best Video' category provides an even grander opportunity. The first-place winner will be awarded an impressive 350 $HAMS, followed by 175 $HAMS for the second-place contender and 75 $HAMS for the person taking the third spot.

To submit imaginative creations and vie for these exciting rewards, Hamsters.gg invites all enthusiasts to join their Discord server.

Hamsters.gg has brought forth an innovative and captivating trend within the realm of cryptocurrency. This trend involves users engaging in bets on the outcomes of hamster races, which are broadcasted through Twitch streams.

The platform showcases hamsters fervently racing toward the finish line. The spectacle unfolds in real-time, intensifying the thrill and exhilaration of the entire gaming experience.

Just last week the platform announced it is making progress on its new website, which is 80% complete and set to feature enhanced security with a Certik-audited wallet connection.

The platform is also preparing to introduce new digital hamster racing games to its casino, with additional games expected to be showcased in the near future.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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