Half of US investors are disappointed by performance of crypto

Of all US adult crypto users, 46% have reported lower-than-expected returns on their cryptocurrency investment, according to data from Pew Research Center.

This may point to wider disillusionment that not all cryptocurrency investment will be a rags-to-riches overnight success story.

The survey selected 6,000 adults across the US and gathered their responses between July 5-22 this year.

Close to half of the people who invested in cryptocurrency said that they had experienced returns that were below their expectations, suggesting that a lot of hope is put on cryptocurrency as an investment mechanism, but maybe without the necessary research.

However, 15% of the interviewees said that their crypto investments had done indeed better than they had hoped for.

Another 31% confirmed that their investments had done roughly what they had expected. Interestingly, people over 50 years old were the largest sample size. Women accounted for half of all respondents.

Out of the 6,000 people interviewed, only 16% said that they had used, traded, or invested in a cryptocurrency in their life.

Many investors have been motivated to move into crypto following Bitcoin’s all-time high of around $67,590 in November 2021. In fact, 70% of crypto holders today in the US confirm that they started investing at that point.

Boomers and Gen X are also moving aggressively on cryptocurrency, defying the cliché that older generations deny cryptocurrencies to continue to enjoy “a privileged lifestyle”.

However, Pew Research Center’s survey is an indicator that cryptocurrencies must be treated with care when used to invest. Returns may or may not exceed expectations. However, diversification of portfolios remains a challenge.

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