The best provably fair games available today

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Nov 30, 2019
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Provably fair gaming is changing the way people gamble, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best games where you can guarantee fairness.

No longer does provably fair gaming mean more dull dice games. With more investment from leading platform providers and developers including FunFair, those of us who prefer to guarantee that our games cannot be fixed can now enjoy a wider range of casino content.

Yes, this includes great looking slots, fast-moving keno titles and much more. has run down our favourite provably fair games on the market today.

Cho Han (Play at CasinoFair or Crypto Casino)

Cho Han is a joint production by FunFair and third-party developer Big Wave Gaming. Big Wave have delivered the front-end of the game (which looks fantastic), while FunFair have ensured the game has a Guaranteed Fair back-end that integrates with the FunFair platform.

The game is a take on the popular Japanese classic, with refreshingly simple gameplay: bet on whether the sum of two six-sided dice will be odd (cho) or even (han), or try to hit a bigger win by staking on a double of a Lucky 8.

Keno Kong (Play at CasinoFair or Crypto Casino)

Keno is a genre which has truly global appeal, but has not previously been converted to the crypto gaming world. It combines the best of lottery and bingo to create fast-moving action and the chance to hit big wins.

With Keno Kong, Funfair has brought this excitement to the crypto space for the first time. The theme is playful and the action engrossing. Following classic rules, players can pick between three and ten numbers. The more numbers matched, the bigger the wins.

Under the Aegis (Play at

Under the Aegis is a provably fair slot game from Edgeless, and a centerpiece of its decentralised casino. The 5×3 reel game features an ancient Greek theme with lightning quick gameplay and the chance to hit some fantastic wins.

Graphically, the game is sleek, and with a neat autoplay feature for up to 500 spins, we love sitting back and enjoying the action.

Raceday Horses (Play at CasinoFair or Crypto Casino)

Virtual sports is one of the most popular gaming verticals out there, but these titles were never previously available on crypto casinos, let alone in a provably fair format.

That all changed with the launch of Raceday Horses, a virtual horse racing title developed by FunFair. The first thing to mention is this game looks the part – every bit as good as virtual horse racing games from dedicated suppliers.

The action is fast, and with an intuitive user interface it is easier than ever to place your bets. We love this title, and hope to see more provably fair virtual sports games in the near future.

Fruitslots (Play at

Provably fair slots are no easy thing to develop. With the focus on the back-end of the game, the theme and gameplay can suffer.

But have found a way around this, by rolling out the innovative title Fruitslots. It is a modern, abstract take on a slot machine, presenting the user with a rotating rectangle instead of the usual reels. Pick your fruit before spinning to select whether you want to try to hit a jackpot or land a safer bet.

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The best provably fair games available today
The best provably fair games available today
Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Nov 30, 2019

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