Google gives NFT advertisers the green light

NFT projects linked to betting are still banned under the updated advertising policy 

Google has updated its cryptocurrency advertising policy.

The update – which was announced in a blog post by the internet giant – allows blockchain-based NFT advertisements to be shown again following a block.

However, this only applies to NFT projects that aren’t linked to betting and do not promote gambling or gambling services.

Changes to Google’s advertising policies will come into play later this month and NFT projects will need to meet specific requirements.

The blog post said: “NFT games that allow players to purchase in-game items, like virtual apparel for a player’s characters, weaponry, or armor with better stats, consumed or used in a game to enhance a user’s experience or aid users in advancing the game.”

NFT casino games will continue to be banned from advertising by Google. As will other social betting projects such as those allowing players to wager for NFTs, crypto, cash, or other goods.

Those running the ads will also need to ‘comply with the Gambling and games policy and receive the proper Google Ads certification.”

Google is not the only platform to take a closer look at crypto advertisement, as TikTok undertook a similar move in the hope of suspending all financial promotions on the platform, which has served as a conduit of underhand operations.

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Written by David Kent

David has more than a decade of sports betting and sports writing experience working with some of the biggest names in the industry. He focuses on articles covering these subjects including how crypto is transforming sportsbooks.

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