Gen Z’s and millenials most likely to be homeowners and crypto investors

Gen Z’s and millenials may bust the myth that younger generations are less well-to-do as the generation is both tech and real estate savvy

Gen Z’s and millenials are the most likely generation to be both homeowners and crypto owners, according to a report by data firm Policygenius.

The 2024 Financial Planning Survey, released earlier this week, took into consideration the percentage of Gen Z’s and millenials who own a home and then compared those numbers with respondents from both groups who said they owned crypto.

Although buying a home has become increasingly challenging in a market that has pushed the prices up, homeowners among both groups have been able to benefit from this trend, pushing through to enter the market before it became prohibitively expensive or leveraging legacy finance to ensure that they are well-to-do.

Many individuals could have also benefited from Bitcoin’s surging price which hit $70,000 and started trending down afterwards.

The fact that millenials and Gen Z’s are able to buck the trend in the US is interesting, as home ownership is an ever more elusive target for many, with both the median price now a firmly $412,227 and inflation rates continuing to eat on consumer finance.

Gen Z’s seem to be very keen on both investing in real estate and crypto. Gen Z’s are also not very likely to own traditional stock, which is the opposite to Boomers, 10% of whom said that they owned crypto, but 27% added that they own stock.

Interestingly, Gen Z’s are not stock deniers. They believe that the stock market is a great place to invest your money as well. However, their priority is to put down money in real estate and crypto takes precedence, which locks many consumers out of the market.

Regardless, Gen Z’s are showing a clear sympathy and positivity about the stock market even if they are not immediately available to engage with it.

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