Recently-launched crypto casino FuturoBet has immediately caught attention with a diverse product and the ability to play with both Bitcoin and FuturoCoin. We talked with the FuturoBet team to find out more.

Please could you introduce FuturoBet to our readers? What makes it stand out from traditional crypto casinos?

FuturoBet is a new, fresh, and frankly revolutionary approach to online gambling. It combines casino with cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to have fiat money to play in one of the hundreds of games. It was created to give joy and an opportunity to make some profit. ‘Win Your Future,’ that is our motto.

FuturoBet is unique in that it accepts wagers in FuturoCoin. Please could you tell us about this cryptocurrency?

FuturoCoin (FTO) has been on the cryptocurrency market for over a year now. Since then, it made an appearance on several trading platforms, where you can purchase FTO. It is a very fast, secure and transparent digital coin. It is not only a cryptocurrency but the whole environment. FuturoCoin gets involved in many more ventures, including restaurants, crypto education, and sports sponsorship among others. For instance, FuturoCoin became the very first cryptocurrency to sponsor Formula One team (Aston Martin Red Bull Racing).

FuturoBet offers some fantastic lottery games. What is the thinking here? Are they proving popular?

Our plan is simple: we want to give people as many games to choose from as possible. We have the most popular casino games, like poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, etc. But we also have some very rare games, which could offer something more, something new to the players. You have almost a thousand games to pick. It is a tremendous number. And we are planning to add even more games.

Our plan is simple: we want to give people as many games to choose from as possible.


What does FuturoBet have planned for the coming months?

The project is in the early stages, but we have quite ambitious plans. As we said earlier, we want to add new games, new features on the platform, and other exciting things. What will they be? You will find out soon. We don’t want to spoil the surprise.

How do you see the outlook for crypto gambling over the coming years?

It’s growing. That is the right term, we think. Right now, the online gambling industry is quite large, but there aren’t many crypto casinos. We are one of the first to do that. Because of that, we are convinced that we will succeed. If it comes to the whole industry, we think that there will be created many more platforms, which will accept digital coins. After all, cryptocurrencies are the future.

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