FUNToken Seed Fund receives 3,500 applications

The FUNToken Seed Fund initiative has garnered an impressive 3,500 applications within a short span since its announcement, underscoring the impact it holds for the blockchain sector.

The surge in submissions highlights the widespread recognition of the initiative's potential, solidifying FUNToken's prominent role in advancing blockchain integration efforts.

Sabine Ross, FUNToken's business development head, conveyed the essence of this endeavor: “The remarkable response to the FUNToken Seed Fund Initiative echoes the unwavering spirit of innovation within the realm of blockchain. FUNToken is dedicated to identifying optimal partners to nurture and expand the ecosystem.”

Crafted with the intention to incentivize Dapp developers, the allocation of a substantial reserve of 20m FUN Tokens, disbursed in increments of 500,000 to 40 top-tier projects, promises a wave of revolutionary implementations revolving around FUNToken.

An inherent advantage for the chosen projects is the access to the extensive network of, comprising over 50m dedicated cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This expansive platform offers a distinct avenue to amplify their reach, placing them strategically in the competitive landscape of the crypto sphere.

Furthermore, the designated 500,000 FUN Tokens for each selected project signify more than just financial support. They embody a commitment to nurturing growth, guaranteeing these initiatives receive the necessary developmental, promotional, and operational thrust.

Beyond the immediate advantages for Dapp developers, this seed fund holds the potential to significantly elevate FUNToken's market visibility and adoption trajectory.

As these metrics surge, there is anticipation of heightened demand for FUNToken. Additionally, affiliated projects stand to gain recognition, potentially unlocking further investment opportunities and strategic alliances.

FUNToken has been forming strategic partnerships to enhance accessibility and adoption within the cryptocurrency domain.

Collaborations with Now Payments and Guardarian enabled global businesses to seamlessly accept FUNToken as payment, while Guardarian's integration bridged the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies, facilitating easy purchase and sale of FUNTokens. 

Additionally, CoinRabbit offered users loans against FUNToken collateral, and the alliance with ChangeNOW DEX facilitated quick token swaps. 

FUNToken's recent popularity on the BTSE exchange, its Binance and MEXC cryptocurrency exchange listings, and initiatives like the XFUN Wallet 2.0.

XFUN Wallet is an autonomous cryptocurrency wallet enabling feeless transactions, safe storage, and effortless exchanges among FUN, XFUN, and various ERC-20 tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), further underscoring FUNToken’s commitment to expanding its ecosystem and user experience.

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Written by Alex Buckley

Alex is an editor at who focuses on cryptocurrency and web3 gambling.

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