EXCLUSIVE: FunFair CCO Stefan Kovach on the launch of CasinoFair

The first casino, CasinoFair, has gone live on the FunFair platform. What was the thinking behind the brand and how do you see its position in the current blockchain casino sector?

Stefan Kovach: We want to reiterate that we are still primarily a B2B platform supplier but as part of the process to ensure our product is the best it can be, it made perfect sense to run our own brand, CasinoFair, on the platform. It acts as both a very clear proof of concept but also a means to provide a quality white label service in the future, with Rake the Rake set to go live with theirs in the coming months. CasinoFair will expedite our learnings, particularly in the marketing space, and any technical improvements we deliver will be beneficial from a B2B standpoint as they will be integrated across the entire group. It will also act as a showcase for the FunFair protocol and, under its tagline of ‘Famous for Fairness’ will demonstrate a true use case of blockchain’s benefits for the gaming industry.

It’s not a traditional mix of jurisdictions at launch. Can you elaborate on your thinkings behind this?

SK: Having acquired our Curacao licence, we will accept players from a select few countries which demonstrate a keenness for blockchain technology, while also having a strong, active gambling propensity. These are certainly not fixed and we have a view to open these up in the coming weeks and months. The likes of Norway and Finland are proven fans of online casino gaming, whereas Canada and Switzerland have a large number of crypto-savvy consumers, who we’ll look to target with the first-generation of the FunFair platform and its benefits.

Do you think there’s a ready made audience for this or will it take time to establish the necessary traffic?

SK: FUN holders are ready and waiting for the launch of the first casino but it’s clear that we need to push outside of the crypto-community and positively disrupt the wider gaming market. This will of course take time, both from an education point of view but it’s also tied to wider crypto adoption in the real world. However, we’re confident these will both occur, sooner rather than later. Through better functionality and the introduction of ergonomic tools for funding and mobile use, the future generations of our platform will build on the innovative concept with greater accessibility to those not well-versed in blockchain tech and a better user experience for all.

How does CasinoFair sit as part of the FunFair Technologies group? As a subsidiary, how independent is it of your B2B business?

SK: CasinoFair is run by a subsidiary in the FunFair group, TTM BV, and its day to day operations are managed by a separate team to the gambling software development team of FunFair Technologies. We have ensured all necessary actions from a legal point of view have been taken to abide by licensing laws. It will, of course, tie in with FunFair’s long-term ambitions and we look forward to the operator-side learnings which we will integrate back into the B2B platform, particularly from a marketing and player behaviour point of view. However, in all funding and commercial decision-making, it will act as a separate entity with a clear divide between its needs and that of FunFair, receiving no special treatment in the process.

You’ve often talked about premium game quality on the FunFair platform and now these are live with CasinoFair. What do you mean by this and what separates these from similar games at other blockchain gambling mediums?

SK: On the current market, the blockchain casino experience is a poor one. The games are visually limited, too often take a while to play, and can be prohibitively expensive with them requiring each transaction to be mined at a cost to the player. This can be attributed to either a lack of gaming expertise from a development side but also due to scaling issues which we’ve negated successfully with our Fate Channel technology. Fate Channels ensure only two transactions are required, one to open a gaming session and the other to close it, with all gaming events processed instantly off the blockchain. This greatly improves the user experience, while also cutting the fees required to play on the blockchain. Coupled with our blockchain expertise, and long history in the game development sector, we have introduced a quality of casino title that can rival any experience out there, with the added bonus of provable fairness and sole custody of funds.

What does the future of CasinoFair hold?

SK: CasinoFair will continue as a real-world test of the FunFair platform and business strategy. It will open to players in new territories on the back of forthcoming licences, we’ll introduce new functionality and partner tools, including an affiliate programme. Marketing strategies will be tested for CasinoFair that can then be used for future white-label partners as we see how the customer journey evolves over time. We think there’s a ready-made demand for provably fair casino gaming, and as we continue to tell of the benefits that CasinoFair offers, it won’t be long before it’s too big to ignore.

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