FunFair ramps up commercial ambitions for 2020

We’ve covered FunFair’s various products and developments since its founding at, and we’ve always been impressed at their B2C offering from a player perspective. However, FunFair remains first and foremost a business-to-business gambling company with a blockchain casino platform at its core.

At the start, FunFair saw this as the best way to get its game-changing gambling technology to market. Its internally developed fair, instant decentralised gaming proposition was seen as best serviced by itself as a platform provider rather than operating its own casino network.

However, due to the nascent nature of the industry at its founding, FunFair found itself ahead of the curve and needed to find a way to demonstrate its technology to players and potential operators first, hence its move into B2C with its first in-house casino, CasinoFair. Its first, FunFair Group-run white label casino was soon joined by externally operated Crypto Casino and just before the holidays, KingTiger.

It is clear that FunFair’s platform resonates with players having seen a steady rise in daily active users over the past year, with all three brands picking up players exponentially, and with particular success after the launch of its own wallet and second-generation user interface in Q3 2019.

What’s in it for operators?

There’s arguably never been a better time to run your own crypto-casino operation. Many of the technical issues which held back onboarding success have been dealt with, both by FunFair themselves and with third-party integrations around KYC and funding. The crypto-player base and their behaviour is far better understood so marketing investment is far more effective. And thirdly, many of the grey areas around legality have now become clearer as to where you can operate and which players you can target.

So, making the leap onto the FunFair partner from either the traditional sector or as a first timer has never been easier. You can take advantage of first mover advantage right now and get a big foothold in an industry that’s only going to grow and deliver ever-increasing profits and diversified revenue streams.

FunFair Technologies also sets itself apart from other less mature suppliers in holding a tier one licence, namely the Token-based Software Supplier licence from the Isle of Man GSC. Operating on FunFair’s platform won’t be a risk and the due diligence of the London and Ireland-based company has been carried out by well-respected legislators who only settle for best practice. That’s not to say you wouldn’t also be able to leverage other licences, should you hold them, and in doing so you could potential tap directly into new audiences not yet serviced by a legal crypto casino.

The platform isn’t just a blockchain technology service though, although it’s well ahead of its peers on that front. It also integrates some of the best games on the blockchain, with titles such as Cyber Hunter 2080 and Cho Han delivering some of the best casino experiences in not just the crypto sector but the whole industry.

Player feedback on FunFair’s various community channels continue to praise the company’s ability to deliver first-rate gaming titles across a number of genres and with immersive, vibrant graphics and big wins available. The crypto gaming sector has been often been lazy in its attitude to delivering quality games, favouring basic titles that deliver quick wins but little in longevity, but FunFair, with the benefits provided by its real-time, fair gaming platform, is going against the grain and leading the way in delivering content that would rival many premium games developers.

What are the advantages of being an operator over a white label?

Being a white label on the FunFair platform is a quick route to market for those wanting an additional, diversified revenue stream and leaves much of the heavy lifting to the FunFair team, allowing the managing partner to run the marketing side. However, as with all white label partnerships, you will be working on a revenue share so much of your acquisition and retention investment won’t all be returned in kind.

Operating your own casino will leave all profits in your pockets so you can have full say about how to reinvest or return to your shareholders. And you won’t be sacrificing too much when it comes to FunFair’s supplier expertise. You’ll pick up the day-to-day operational side but it’s in FunFair’s interests to give you the advice and assistance to build the best casino you can, building the FUN network in the process.

What’s the market potential?

Huge. It’s estimated that $2bn has already been wagered on blockchain gambling dapps in 2019, and that’s a conservative guess. This is a significant number considering we’re still at the very beginning of what’s set to be an exciting journey which has hardly even touched the mainstream.

FunFair itself has done its fair share in driving these figures, building a platform that appeals to those outside the blockchain sphere with its focus on ease-of-use and simplifying the complex elements that come with cryptocurrency ownership., a community-led website that monitors the groups casino activity, states that the network has generated almost 19m in profit since CasinoFair launched with a total of 1.22bn wagered in its proprietary gambling token FUN. These figures prove the commercial viability of a network that has huge growth potential. An operator with an already established audience could easily send these figures skyrocketing within a very short time.

With clearer regulation, growing appeal, more usable technology and better blockchain scaling, we at CryptoGamblingNews can only see FunFair continuing on its upwards curve. There are many companies in the space trying to do something similar, but to date, FunFair is the only one actually delivering on its promise and delivering on it well. First mover advantage is there to be taken, and it wouldn’t surprise us if a few operators enter the fray and take advantage soon.

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Written by Roman


Roman is a big crypto enthusiast and a bigger sports fan, so crypto sports betting comes as a major interest for him. Has been involved with the gambling industry since 2017 and sees crypto as a major breakthrough for the payments side, specially beyond first world countries.

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