FunFair has laid out its strategy to tackle the challenges of onboarding new players with the upcoming release of its proprietary FunWallet.

In a detailed blog post, FunFair discussed at length the challenges to onboard users to dApps.

“We can see plain as day where we lose people in the onboarding funnel, and much of the time it’s very early – at the start – the moment they’re asked to download a Web3 browser or wallet and to create an Ethereum account,” the team said in the post.

“We believe we could reach a lot more users for our dApp if there were far lower friction, no requirement to download or install anything new, and a UI that had a much more comfortable learning curve.”

To tackle the problem, FunFair has spent almost a year building “an easy to use wallet that targets this significant onboarding friction”.

The result is the FunWallet, which FunFair says will run “in any web browser inside an iFrame, on any device, mobile or desktop, Safari or Chrome” and requires no plugin, download or install. In other words, users will be able to easily log into their FunWallet from their phone with an email and password.

In the post, the team addresses the challenges of balancing security with ease of use, and also note that while the FunWallet will initially support FUN and ETH, they hope to expand to other crypto assets in the future.

Users can now test the new sign-up process within FunFair’s showcase site,

FunWallet will be live in approved jurisdictions “very soon”, the team added.

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