FunFair launches dapp compatible wallet solution

FunFair has released its new self-service wallet that is easy to implement and works with the majority of dapps.

The company offers a secure, customizable and more importantly free non-custodial wallet solution that allows developers to benefit from a seamless integration with their dapps and any browser or device.

Better yet, the solution charges no hidden fees or user caps, which means implementation is worthwhile as it will easily scale to any levels without slowing down or springing any undesired fee on people.

FunFair uses a dedicated, user-friendly user interface for its wallet, but it also offers anyone using the wallet to customize the solution in a way that fits their project better.

To guarantee account security, the wallet uses 2FA and account recovery functions. Payments are integrated with numerous solutions, including fiat, crypto and Uniswap and this allows for an easy navigation through the solution.

The FunFair wallet is accessible from anywhere and there no plug-ins are required to operate it. The company has built a simplified solution that is based on EtherJS and Web3, allowing for quick and simple navigation overall.

The Web Sockets notification will allow you to check balances, initiate blocks and make token transfers as well as stay informed when any of these actions takes place.

The company has recently spoken about its future goals and ambitions during an AMA with the community and in a separate announcement.

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