FunFair co-founder Jez San OBE has told that the firm is confident in the long-term success of its first external white-label casino,

The new FunFair-powered casino, operated by affiliate network RakeTheRake, went live yesterday.

In an exclusive interview with, San and RakeThe Rake founder and CEO Karim Wilkins talked in detail about the launch, with both bullish about its prospects.

San said the launch of Crypto Casino “set our stall out from a FunFair point of view as the leading blockchain casino provider and will showcase our white label proposition in its truest form.”

We also learned that:

  • FunFair will handle the tech side of the new casino, with RakeTheRake focused on branding, design assets and setting up their marketing tools and social channels
  • A new FunFair wallet is on its way, that will improve onboarding and open Crypto Casino and CasinoFair to a “vast new audience of potential players”
  • RakeTheRake will target its existing poker audience with Crypto Casino

Click here for the full interview with FunFair’s Jez San and RakeTheRake’s Karim Wilkins.

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