FunFair AMA Reveals More On 2020 Plans

FunFair’s recent Q2 Update outlined its achievements in the first quarter of 2020 and what they expect to accomplish going forward in Q2 and beyond. We reported the main takeaways of the update last week, with these including Japanese localisation going live, the release of an affiliate reporting tool, and how its priority at this moment revolves predominantly around upgrading its marketing tech to improve acquisition.

As is routine with these updates, the FunFair team then put themselves forward for an AMA (ask me anything) on its popular Discord channel, with the community putting forward some pressing and appropriate questions. kept a keen eye on how the Q&A went and we can now confirm some more specifics when it comes to its future plans. These are as follows:

FIAT to crypto

Currently, players are required to acquire FUN, the network’s proprietary gambling token, to gamble at the likes of CasinoFair. This is generally being done on exchanges such as Binance. FunFair is looking to allow players to exchange from cash directly on-site.

AMA findings: At its launch, funding will only be available via debit and credit card, with bank transfers coming later on in selected markets. This will also only be available in one direction when live, with no crypto-to-fiat off ramp until its partner allows.

FunFair aims for this mechanism to be available to all of its available jurisdictions, although China has no current FIAT on-ramp to crypto so will not be live for the foreseeable future.

Removing gas from gaming sessions

To access FunFair games, players must pay an amount of ETH as a transaction fee (gas) to open a session. This is currently put on the player at the opening and the house at the end, but to improve onboarding and remove a second cryptocurrency from the gaming equation, FunFair wishes to make this happen in the back end.

AMA: Lloyd Purser, COO, confirmed that the removal of gas from the player would not mean they’d pay the equivalent in FUN, but instead that the house would cover it. Furthermore, Purser does not currently see any issues with slow transaction times as it currently has processes in place to monitor network capacity and the need to pay more gas if required, which would not burden the player experience.

This was also confirmed to go-live in Q2 by Oliver Hopton, CTO, who jokingly labelled the project ‘death to gas’.

Latest games development

FunFair has recently released a number of new games, including Fun Mountain, Shamrock Riches, Pirate Dice, Five Fruits and Banana Blast.

AMA: Geoff Scaplehorn, Games Producer, said the team has had a look at a pachinko-style game but the mechanics of it are tricky. Development of a craps game has dropped down the list of priorities while it focuses on other titles, but they will definitely be returning to it. Finally, he added that they are looking to build games for specific markets, and the team is fully capable of doing so in its current guise, but they would look for external consultancy to make this happen as best it can.


The team have stated that 2020 is the year of refining its marketing tools so it can offer the best promotions and campaigns, while also improving acquisition and retention rates.

AMA: Auto-updating leaderboards are still in development but other priorities mean they are not ready just yet. Likewise, progressive jackpots have been heavily researched but ensuring it is fully trustless is currently a barrier, however, they are looking at external innovations around the sector that may assist with this.

Tom Leadbetter, Head of Marketing (B2C) added that the launch of its Japanese site will be backed by the CasinoFair team, with an initial acquisition push being led by social campaigns and affiliates.

As an aside, Leadbetter also responded to a question about marketing via billboards and TV commercials by saying:

CasinoFair is very much in a world where we need to have people that are crypto aware, which isn’t national TV. Furthermore, the average cost is $342,000 per 30 second national TV advert…

Whereas I can target users online at a cost of about $6 per 1000 users on CoinMarketCap. Which is much more likely to be our target market and will be able to understand how crypto works.”


AMA: Hopton commented that Jez San OBE remains active with FunFair, having changed his role to Chairman in 2019, while Jeremy Longley is also working hard on R&D and solving problems that come with trustless progressive jackpots, for example.

Lastly, the coronavirus outbreak has not had a major impact on the team’s day-to-day business due to its flexible working policy that has allowed for remote working prior to various lockdowns.

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