From Stable to Stardom: new show premieres on Photo Finish LIVE

The concept involves starting a new stable, focusing on education and entertainment

A new show titled “Stable to Stardom” has premiered expanding the content of the Photo Finish LIVE community.

Hosted by crypto streamer Brody known as @degenbrody on X (formerly Twitter) and crypto and NFT blogger Mark P. a.k.a. @markpnft, the show aims to document and support the journey from newcomer to podium mainstay in the horse racing world.

The concept involves initiating a brand-new stable in Pohto Finish LIVE, inviting viewers to join the adventure, and equipping them with optimal resources for their own success.

Scheduled to air on Wednesday nights at 7 PM CST/8 PM EST, the show is being broadcast on Kick and X initially, with plans for expansion to platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Rumble, and others in the near future.

The main focus of “Stable to Stardom” will be a blend of entertainment and education, offering viewers insight into starting a new stable, navigating the journey to success, and providing valuable tools for their own endeavors. Additionally, the hosts plan to offer glimpses into their own stables and future plans.

Inspired by their love for the Photo Finish ecosystem, Brody and Mark aim to enrich the community's content offerings with their show. They believe it will attract more people to engage with Photo Finish LIVE, potentially reaching a broader audience beyond the existing community.

With a goal of creating exciting and memorable moments, the hosts promise to maintain the same level of excitement and entertainment seen in previous Photo Finish LIVE content. They hope to attract both existing fans and newcomers alike, with plans to reach a non-crypto audience as the show progresses.

Brody and Mark have also confirmed their commitment to getting Photo Finish LIVE tattoos, with the process set to be featured on the show once a suitable tattoo artist is found.

Looking to the future, the hosts envision a scenario where hundreds of horse racing enthusiasts tune in weekly to participate in “Stable to Stardom.” Their ultimate goal is to take their new stable to victory in one of the four major races.

The debut episode of “Stable to Stardom” was aired on Wednesday, March 6.

Photo Finish LIVE newcomers may also want to have a look at the YouTube series “Zero to Hero” started in October by Lean Stables from the UK.

It has defied the odds by mastering Photo Finish LIVE on a budget. The series chronicles Lean Stables’ journey from a $125 investment to reaching a milestone of $1000.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

Silvia has explored various forms of writing, ranging from content creation for social media to crafting movie scripts. Drawing on her experience as a journalist specializing in the gambling sector, she is currently investigating the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on traditional gambling and iGaming.

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