Florida man pleads guilty in $8.4m crypto scam

The Forcount crypto scheme that defrauded investors of millions has finally come undone as the people responsible for the scam are most likely heading to prison

A man from Florida has admitted to participating in the Forcount crypto Ponzi scheme, operating out of Brazil and defrauding investors worldwide of $8.4 million. Juan Tacuri, 46, a local resident, confessed to his role in the Southern District of New York, acknowledging the mounting evidence against him.

Facing a potential 20-year prison sentence, Tacuri also agreed to repay $4 million to victims, recognizing the significance of his involvement in the case. Tacuri funded his extravagant lifestyle, including real estate, luxury cars, and designer goods, through the scheme, now forfeited as restitution.

Tacuri was among the inner circle of criminals who lured investors with promises of high returns. When the promised returns failed to materialize, investors realized they had fallen victim to a Ponzi scheme, prompting global alerts.

US authorities, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), traced part of the scheme back to Florida, where Tacuri resided. The SEC filed civil charges against Tacuri in 2022, leading to legal proceedings. Tacuri's accomplices were also apprehended, with two facing fraud charges.

Tacuri actively sought investors, hosting them at his home and fabricating investment opportunities to attract well-heeled individuals. However, these ventures never materialized, leaving investors deceived and defrauded.

Although the scam was based geographically in Brazil, Tacuri himself traveled around the United States, looking for people who would be willing to take him at his word and invest. His display of wealth, so common for these types of scams, was reassuring for many of the victims to be taken in.

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