brings decentralized gambling to BSC has launched decentralized gambling for the Binance Smart Chain or BSC.

In a Twitter statement, the company explained that consumers may “make your own pool, jackpot and payout”. Anyone is free to add or withdraw liquidity and generate house fees, the statement continued.

This is essentially a bridge to BSC allowing gambling on the chain. is bringing its full functionality for BSC.'s success has broader implications too, as it allows BSC projects to create proprietary gambling pools by adding liquidity.

“Adding liquidity to and creating your own pool is as simple as interacting with Uniswap or Pancakswap, project owners can even set the min and maximum bet”, the company explained. will further allow any token to create gambling dApps and add liquidity using the infrastructure. The company is all about encouraging transparency and more involvement with the project. will pay particular attention to other DeFi projects in pursuit of the goal to create a community-funded bankroll for DeFi initiatives. believes that the model it's introducing will offer trust and legitimacy and inspire more people to bet.

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