FaZe Clan could bank on crypto & gambling to save brand

One of the most profitable esports franchises, FaZe Clan, has recently announced layoffs, prompting speculation about the organization’s future

FaZe Clan, though, is now looking at how the esports organization can move forward, with one of the debated options being entering the world of crypto gaming. A legacy esports brand, FaZe Clan has focused on competing in mainstream video games, such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike, but it may now be looking to expand.

YouTuber Adisson YourFellowArab” just posted on X, previously Twitter, that the company, that is to say FaZe Clan, would need to rethink how it operates because the Internet has changed, and urged the organization to consider gambling and crypto as two of the possible steps forward. Yet, he expressed serious doubt and offered scathing criticism of what he thought FaZe Clan would do next under its new CEO.

Adisson said that the new FaZe will be a “crypto pump milked to the last very dollar, till it runs out of juice. Gambling & Crypto.”  However, these comments have not been met kindly by the organization, nor Richard Bengtson, the newly-appointed chief executive officer over at the company.

“You are a f—ing r****d,” Bengtson said, shutting down the insinuations made by Adisson, and adding that FaZe Clan has kept abreast with the shift in the Internet and its explosive growth. FaZe Clan, too, has cultivated a serious audience of followers, viewers, and fans.

“So, scaling shouldn't be an issue? FaZe was its ‘biggest' peak Fortnite and when I was vlogging. Peak vibes NY forever, but as far as numbers Fortnite era,” he elaborated. Yet, Bengtson did admit that “crypto gaming” in particular is going to be a significant part of the company’s strategy because it was reflective of how the entire ecosystem has changed.

He dismissed Adisson’s remarks, which argued that FaZe Clan would engage in underhand practices when in reality those practices were where the businesses as a whole was heading. The chief executive said that Adisson had gone so far as to call the entire Internet a scam and added that people were saying playing video games for a living could not possibly be a viable career path, which it is.

Adisson responded that FaZe Banks, i.e. Bengtson, already had a verifiable track record of promoting and engaging with non-fungible tokens, crypto tokens, and “pumping and dumping” his viewers. Bengtson was even more livid following the comment and said that he never did anything of the sort.

“You’re absolutely clueless,” and added that he had some sort of credibility in the crypto landscape because he tended to do it right. “You’re a f—–g clown, my man,” Bengtson concluded.

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