Father-son duo kidnap crypto millionaire – get busted

An unlikely criminal duo kidnapped a crypto businessman, but regretted their decisions not long after

A crypto investor, aged 55, was taken from her car in Hong Kong by what later turned out to be a father-duo son. The father, aged 70, and the son, aged 30, allegedly took the investor from her car last Tuesday, forcing her out away from her husband who intervened, but was electrocuted by the perps.

It wasn’t until Thursday that the duo was arrested and detained at Tai Po Police Station after they turned themselves in finding out that the police suspected them of involvement with the crime. Upon being interrogated by the police, the duo admitted that they knew the victim and that they had invested $1.9 million worth of cryptocurrency through the woman but had failed to gain it back on numerous occasions, with the victim supposedly refusing to return the money.

The father and son duo denied having actually perpetrated the kidnapping, but they are being charged with unlawful imprisonment for the time being. The police still believe that the two people it had arrested had the motive and opportunity to execute the crime, but authorities are not indeed certain if they had perpetrated the kidnapping specifically.

Sources told the South China Morning Post that more perpetrators were being searched for by the police.

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