Exclusive: Q&A with the Fiscus.fyi team

Can you introduce Fiscus and the concept behind it to our readers?

Fiscus.fyi started as a lending aggregator, but it soon realised the potential for gambling in the Defi space and vice versa. Fundamentally Fiscus Dice acts as the “Uniswap” of Crypto gambling making it the first truly decentralised gambling platform in the world.

Can you overview the Fiscus product and userbase?

Fiscus Dice provides anyone with the opportunity to create a pool with any token and start gambling.

Pool creators act as the house and anyone can add to the liquidity pool to earn a share of the house’s profits.

What's more, pool creators can embed the application on their website by copying their pool link and pasting it on their site.

This achieves what hasn't been available before for crypto gambling and that is a truly decentralised platform where users can be both the bettor and the house at the same time, eliminating the middleman.

Furthermore, Fiscus Dice got rid of the croupier that was and is present in the current Dapps available in the crypto gambling space.

What opportunities do you see at the intersection of DeFi and gambling?

Essentially, instead of having a gambling dapp with a single token or coin, such as tron or eth, anyone can easily create and operate their own gambling game with their own pool and their own rewards.

We believe this is a game-changer for the sector, by combining the strengths of provably fair gambling and Decentralised financial infrastructure, the traditional method, and the very concept of what constitutes a house or a punter is uprooted.

Moreover, the barrier to entry as “the casino” is a web3 wallet with tokens in it, with no sign-ups or accounts.

Do you see a bright future for decentralised gambling?

Undoubtedly. Ultimately there is very little reason to think that this approach cannot be integrated into any betting system, from football betting to horse racing or ante-post.

What is on the Fiscus roadmap over the coming months?

 Fiscus Dice will continue to grow its token betting list and will be adding additional features games and betting pools.

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Written by David


David is co-founder of CryptoGamblingNews.com, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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