EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with BitGuild’s Jared Psigoda

EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with BitGuild’s Jared Psigoda

Why have you decided to make a full overhaul of the GuildChat application when it was already operating nicely?

GuildChat was originally designed as a chat app with a few blockchain/cryptocurrency elements. It was an instant success, mostly due to the Coin Drop features and the easy-to-use crypto wallets. We saw thousands of people who had never had any contact with cryptocurrencies or blockchain suddenly sending and receiving tokens, interacting with crypto communities and spreading the word about how easy to understand and use crypto is.

After a few months, we realized that we needed to provide more features to bring even more users and projects to GuildChat. However, there were some technical restrictions in the app architecture that made it very hard for us to bring our vision to life. That was the moment we decided to completely rebuild GuildChat from the ground up, with a totally different programming language as well as a more secure and stable structure, new features, and a completely new UI and UX. This new language will allow us to develop and push updates faster than ever before and add new chains to the core blockchain features of the app, increasing its appeal to outside of the TRON community.

What are the main features of GuildChat V2?

What we basically did was bring to the forefront the features that the users were using the most on the first version, such as wallets and browser, and also added a couple of features that we believe will be highly appreciated by the crypto community.

When we were conceptualizing the new version, we went through a crypto user’s journey during the day – from the moment he or she wakes up, to the moment they go to bed. What is it that a crypto enthusiast does during the day? Probably check the prices of tokens a few times a day, so we added a Market feature, where our users can easily see whether their portfolio went up or down in value. Follow crypto news? For that, we added a sleek news feed with the major crypto industry news outlets generating daily content. Playing dApps? Now the Browser feature makes it even easier to enjoy hundreds of games and applications. We really want to be the one-stop shop for every crypto user, in an app where they can find everything they’ll ever need.

In comparison to other competitors, what makes you unique?

I would say GuildChat doesn’t really have a competitor right now. I could mention Telegram, as that’s the chat platform most crypto users are accustomed to, but they’re confined to the messaging aspect.

GuildChat is a unique product, as it offers everything the crypto community needs: easy access to projects, new and established ones, centralized and HD wallets, a crypto newsfeed, a browser to play dApps, as well as private and group chats. There are several other products and platforms out there that have one or more features like GuildChat, but not a single one that has managed to bring it all to one place, in a simple and user-friendly way.

How does it work if I want to get my project on GuildChat?

We welcome every project that wants to be on GuildChat with open arms, and we are sure it’ll be greatly beneficial for our community and to the success of the project. GuildChat is one of the most popular apps within the crypto space, and its users are well versed in blockchain technology, as well as all the existing features of the app.

Having your project on GuidChat means instant access to an ever-growing community, currently with more than 10,000 daily active users and counting. There are several ways a crypto project can leverage the GuildChat audience, such as Official groups, recommended dApp, Guild News (message to all users), and much more. If your project is interested in being on GuildChat, send us a message to [email protected], a Twitter DM, or through Telegram. Our team is ready to talk to your project through any of these platforms.

Can I play every dapp on your browser and import all my wallets?

Most dapps on TRON can be played through GuildChat, as we are constantly whitelisting projects and dApps as they come. Over the next few months, we will also be able to support Ethereum and EOS dApps, so stay tuned for the announcements as we’re work to get this update out as soon as possible. As for wallets, you can import any TRON or Ethereum-based wallet to GuildChat right now, and soon users will be able to link EOS, Bitcoin, and BNB wallets too.

How long did the process of revamping GC take and what were the main hurdles?

The process of revamping started in April when we decided to rebuild the whole code using node.JS and React. The main hurdle at the start was to build a new team. Most of our engineers were only fluent in Java and Object C, and that change required a lot of training and new hires. It took us about three months to put a full team together and start developing the new version.

What is BitGuild's mission, the company behind GuildChat?

BitGuild’s mission is to empower blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption through the design and development of user-friendly, consumer-facing products where customers are in complete control over their personal and financial data. I believe that with GuildChat, TronTrade and GuildWallet, we’ve done just that: create easy-to-use solutions and products using blockchain technology to push its adoption and bring awareness to several projects and technologies that aim to change the way we look at financial institutions, games, social media, and much more.

What if I want to partner up with you guys – how would that work?

Partnerships are one of the best ways to give projects visibility in the crypto space. If you have a project we believe in and a community to back it up, we are more than happy to partner up. Reach us through [email protected], through Telegram, or Twitter and we can discuss all the details.

For all who know BitGuild from the early days – will we ever see any games again from BitGuild?

As much as we love games, and would love to keep working towards decentralizing this industry, it’s pretty clear at this point that the technologies at hand don’t allow us to create the kind of experiences we envisioned. On top of that, looking at industry numbers, blockchain games (not gambling), have had very little long-term success, and we as a company can offer a lot more, to a much wider audience, if we focus on products that aim to introduce blockchain and crypto to as many people as possible. That being said, we are always open to new ideas- and who knows, maybe you’ll see us working with games again- but that’s not our main priority and focus right now.

Download GuildChat for iOS: https://btgld.co/GC2BETA3

Download GuildChat for Android: https://btgld.co/GC2BETA1

Bug Bounty Program: https://btgld.co/bugbounty

Official Telegram: https://t.me/BitGuildOfficial

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