caught up with chief marketing officer Dmitry Belianin to discuss the future of crypto gambling and what comes next for dao

For someone new to DAO.Casino, please could you recap the project and where it stands now?

Dmitry Belianin: Here at DAO.Casino we are laying the foundations for the Gambling 3.0 Industry. While Gambling 1.0 stands for classic offline casino and Gambling 2.0 regards iGaming in its essence, we are building an entirely new approach for gaming and gambling. In other words, we are building a decentralized protocol for gambling on Ethereum blockchain that ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all the industry participants, which is essential for an industry regulated by technology.

Not only are we overcoming the technical limitations of the gambling industry in its present state, but we are also making a platform that will provide all the tools to help everyone in the gambling industry unleash their full potential. And we really do mean everyone. Whether you’re a developer, a bankroller (more information about bankrollers comes below), an affiliate or a casino operator, you can create a game or build your own casino. Our innovative model means the community owns the system, and contributors get rewarded by the system. This not only ensures fair games and incorruptible account balances, but also the automatic revenue distribution among all industry participants.

Bankroller is a unique role, absolutely new for the online gambling industry, but one that, as we believe, will be crucial in decentralizing the gambling industry and making it more accessible for everyone. In the current market, big casino operators play the role of bankroll backers, which excludes the possibility for an average person to enter the market. But within DAO.Casino protocol any token holder, a single person, could back any available game (or diversify by selecting several games) with our internal BET token and become a valuable part of the process while earning in the long run alongside game creators.

Developers can easily create top-quality games with our SDK that we never stop improving, easily integrate games with blockchain and get a stream of passive income, participating in continuous revenue distribution, as opposed to one-off payment, that developers usually get in this industry. The platform will feature easy integration, automatic payments, transparent transactions, and a friendly UI to track game performance and collect valuable data.

Casino operators can easily set up and manage a decentralized casino and attract potential players inside and outside our ecosystem. Casino operators will be provided with all the necessary administrative and analytical tools, while smart contracts will ensure automation and immutability of transactions, and as the majority of operations will take place on the Ethereum blockchain, overall cost-efficiency of operations may increase. Moreover, casino operators can look forward to generating more money as cryptocurrency owners continue to increase in number and become potential platform users.

Affiliates are not often rewarded in a way that reflects their efforts fairly. This is mainly due to the lack of transparency in their relations with casino operators, who only see their bottom line, often misleading their business partners, affiliates, and underpaying them or delaying payouts. Our platform solves the problem by automating the process of the revenue distribution which is now instantaneous and irreversible, taking place on blockchain on transparent, predetermined conditions. An affiliate will know what his fair share in profit generated by an attracted player will be, even before he attracts the user to the platform. Every spin, every dice roll is recorded immutably on the blockchain, and profit is distributed upon completion of every game session instantly.

Using our platform, all market participants will also find a wide spectrum of relevant topics – valuable insights and the most optimal solutions to force generation of even more revenue.

From a development perspective, where is the product at the moment, and what is coming next? What has been the response from third-party developers?

DB: Right now, we are deep inside the development process and there are no particular dates for some roadmap milestones. Demo and test games are planned for Q1-Q2. We are also planning to invite the community to public beta-tests if a good opportunity presents itself. The estimated product release is planned for the end of 2019.

A working version of our SDK was released last year  – a complete set of tools enabling developers to create a game on our protocol or port an existing one with minimal efforts. It is a significant part of the future platform, as it allows any developer to benefit from the platform while driving forwards its adoption.

When we released SDK it was crucial to attract developers and gather their feedback. We went to Imaguru Minsk, Gamenode and the Malta Blockchain Hackathon and received valuable feedback from developers, who helped us move forward in the right direction with our SDK, suggesting compatibility enhancements and additional features. A lot of the developers and hackathon participants that had interacted with our SDK, expressed willingness to continue developing games with our SDK and become a part of DAO.Casino ecosystem.

As we were keen for even more feedback from the developers, we have also launched the Sandbox project. We collected hundreds of applications and chose 15 teams carefully from various parts of the world, united by their passion for blockchain technology and development of ambitious projects.

"we are making a platform that will provide all the tools to help everyone in the gambling industry unleash their full potential"

Dmitry Belianin
CMO, DAO.Casino

Please, could you share some more details about the Bankroller feature?

DB: Traditionally, casino operators back their own casinos, not necessarily because it’s the most logical, as due to the technological limitations, it can be the only way to do it. We are set to overcome these limitations by creating a new role in the industry. Anyone can become a bankroll backer (or a bankroller, as we call it). The only requirement is to own BET tokens used as gaming chips in the games on our platform.

Bankroll backers will select games they wish to back, set all the necessary parameters and limits, and, easy as it sounds, start receiving their cut of what is commonly known as a “house edge”. Getting into the casino business has never been easier, potential bankroll backers won’t have to overcome any technical obstacles, our platform will take care of the back-end, providing clear and seamless user experience, as well all the analytical data to enable users to track their funds’ performance over time and make necessary adjustments.

When can we expect to see a full product live?

DB: The product release date and mainnet start are among the most common things we are asked about. While we make every effort to release things as soon as possible, we are fully aware of the high standards expected of our products. Thus, we can not give hard dates yet, but we aim to present an updated roadmap and achieve a lot of targets by the end of 2019.

What are the key challenges and opportunities for DAO.Casino in 2019?

DB: We realize that blockchain technology is complex and that periodically we have to be the pioneers of the Gambling 3.0 industry, solving previously unresolved technical problems (performance, security, scalability – we have to cover it all) and implementing innovative solutions, such as, for instance, the bankroller role.

Blockchain has already been able to fix some issues. The fact that all transactions are publicly accessible is particularly relevant to curbing problems of fraud and corruption in online gambling. Players can be confident the environment is safe and their bets’ security are assured, with the risk of fraudulent behavior been practically eliminated from the equation.

Despite the inherent benefits of blockchain technology, it is well-known that the technology itself still has some limitations, that we have to overcome or work around. Many approaches have been undertaken to fix scalability, with one of the most promising of “Game Channels”. At DAO.Casino we saw this as another opportunity to demonstrate how we can benefit the industry.

The fruit of our research department’s labor was shared with the community in a published paper (Game Channels paper). It describes “Game Channels”, as an enhanced form of State Channels, which includes Signidice, a P2P algorithm designed for PRNG(pseudo-random number generation). This solution provides optimal and sufficient levels of performance while keeping all the key blockchain advantages, such as complete transparency of information and immutability of game outcomes.

While working on finalizing our technological solutions, we continue to promote our cause and increase awareness of our achievements within the gambling industry. Our team is dedicated to putting the Gambling 3.0 industry on the map by getting as many players, traditional casino operators and game developers on board as possible by the time our platform is ready for release. Our business development and marketing efforts will only ramp up from there, but as we see it, the uninterrupted and faultless operation of our platform will also speak for itself.

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