Evenbet outlines case for NFT poker revolution

The versatility of NFTs might be their strongest suit when it comes to implementation by poker platforms.

Evenbet has released a blog article arguing that NFTs can help “increase revenue” for poker operators.

While there’s value in creating an NFT and selling it to the player, for example as a unique avatar, an emoji or a throwable object, NFTs can also provide value in trading.

NFT trading can be beneficial for the player base, as it allows them to earn money but the same goes for the platform as well, as it can get marketplace commission on sales.

Trading also opens the doors to profiting from users who are not poker players on the platform, such as traders, who can jump on the bandwagon and use the marketplace for an entirely different purpose.

Evenbet outlined some strategies on how to boost sales, including special events or tournaments that require specific NFTs for access – similar to an event pass, for example. This would make the NFT purchase a part of the eligibility process.

Another strategy Evenbet cited was Ethernity’s playing cards images collection, in which an individual could buy five NFTs to get a royal flush, which would then combine with the idea to use NFTs as an event pass, and allowed those individuals to play a game with Phil Ivey.

All of this goes to say that operators can benefit from NFTs in various ways and while there’s no guideline for “best practices” in implementing NFTs, the idea is simple: they allow the platform to generate more income.

This can motivate not only the business behind the platform but also the player. Evenbet gave an example of how increasing players’ incomes can help boost interest in NFTs with higher rakeback if an exact NFT is owned, for example. This is similar to how an item might have the passive effect of boosting a stat in a computer game.

Another option would be to make owning a specific NFT similar to owning a share of the poker room, allowing the player to get “some percentage from the income of the table”, which makes NFTs similar to investments that bring in passive income.

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Written by Kyamil Nasuf


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