Ethereum surpasses bitcoin adoption

CoinTelegraph took a look at the growth and adoption rate of Ethereum and bitcoin both. Now, 1,825 days after the launch of Ethereum, there are 107,214,053 ETH addresses out there, and just 25,369,974 Bitcoin addresses the media outlet says.

That points to an unequivocal trend that Ethereum has proven far more user-friendly and adaptable, while it also benefits from lesser volatility. Naturally, Ethereum is a second crack at a mass blockchain currency, whereas bitcoin pioneered the industry.

It's understandable, therefore, that bitcoin would be a little less flexible and a bit slower to adopt. Even then, bitcoin remains very highly used. One explanation for the mass adoption of ETH, however, is the so-called ICO boom with the introduction of ERC20 tokens that opened the floodgates for mass adoption.

Of course, Ethereum has experienced some issues as well, including a slowdown in transactional speeds, but the ecosystem is preparing for an update on August 4. Magic Network is already scaling Ethereum on Testnet, and many other insiders have urged consumers to try and follow suite using scaling tools.

In any eventuality, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, isn't too concerned about the currency’s flexibility. Ethereum has been one of the most used currencies in gaming and igaming.

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