Ethereum recruiting safety experts for 2.0

The organisation has announced that it would introduce a dedicated security team to take charge of the overall safety and security of the project. Justin Drake, a researcher at the foundation, confirmed the news in a tweet and simultaneously started the recruitment process for individuals who want to help make Ethereum 2.0 safer.

There are various positions available and the responsibilities will range from bounty hunting to pager duty and fuzzing, all related to software security.

Fuzzing allows developers to look into potential bugs and vulnerabilities of the ecosystem due to improper input. Thanks to researchers who engage in fuzzing, developers can patch up the vulnerabilities and ensure a safer gaming environment for everyone.

Security will be boosted across the board, the organisation has confirmed, while there have been many dedicated teams working on testing the mainnet for exploits of all kinds, and the foundation is also looking to hire economic modelling experts.

Some developers have focused on purposefully attacking the demo ecosystem to see where it gives in. Today, the Ethereum Medalla testnet got underway, involving community members who can judge for themselves if the Ethereum Foundation is on the right track.

Of course, boosting the Ethereum network means that blockchain gaming stands to benefit big time. With Ethereum already surpassing Bitcoin adoption, it's not surprising that we are looking forward a time when Ethereum will be the bread-and-butter cryptocurrency for all gaming online.

Successful projects such as CasinoFair currently operate on the blockchain, and with lower transaction costs, increased speed and more security, they’re set to continue on their positive trajectory.

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Written by Barney


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