Ethereum ranks third-largest network in terms of stake capitalization

Ethereum has become the third-largest network by stake capitalization, according to analysts.

Having been plagued by scalability issues, Ethereum's Eth2 protocol is finally here and appears to be doing some good.

Eth2 has enjoyed moderate interest, with only 2.09% of the overall Ethereum supply locked in, but confidence in the new solution and its scalability remain high, which is a good first sign.

With close to ETH 2.5m locked up, Eth2's capitalization is estimated at around $3.6bn at time of the reporting.

Out of all crypto assets powered by Eth2, Polkadot remains the strongest, with 60% of its supply locked up, or $10.8bn.

Meanwhile, Cardano has locked up 71% of its own supply for around $9.5bn. Ethereum has been doing well compared to Bitcoin, too.

In the ETH/BTC markets, Ethereum's value has risen 70% against Bitcoin. Meanwhile, in terms of pure Ethereum transactions, the network is still ahead of Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, a recent survey revealed that Ethereum is actually cheaper to use if you pick specific times of the day.

Eth2 has shown the resilience of the Ethereum network and project, which have been posting strong and steadfast results despite market volatilities. Ethereum's own value has soared in recent weeks, pushed upward by Bitcoin.

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