Ethereum browser MetaMask goes mobile

The app works with both iOS and Android devices and allows consumers to stay tuned on to their ETH dapps the go. MetaMask users will have the opportunity to manage their wallets, as well as store non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a dedicated mobile solution.

Furthermore, consumers will be able to sign messages and play blockchain-powered games on popular online casinos, such as CasinoFair.

To make the omni-channel experience streamlined, MetaMask invites all consumers to scan a simple QR code and transfer their data onto their mobile app. To date, the desktop version of MetaMask has been downloaded over four million times.

It was released back in 2016 as an extension for Chrome and Firefox. So far, users from 34 countries have opted for MetaMask’s intuitive crypto wallet solution. Here is what ConsenSys, the developers of the software, had to say:

“We are thrilled to provide a browsing experience purpose-built for decentralized applications, and allow users to seamlessly sync with their desktop MetaMask accounts.”

Smartphones are the next frontier for many blockchain wallet developers. While there were some concerns about security on mobile phones, crypto wallets have proliferated for mobile devices in recent months.

To guarantee the safety of Web3 users, MetaMask has developed a solution that generates passwords and keys directly on users’ devices rather than transferring the data over the Internet.

Previously, ConsenSys struck a partnership with the North American Collegiate League (NACL) breaking into an exciting new segment, esports.

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Written by Tudor

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