ETH 2.0 may be here and we even didn’t know

In a statement to Cointelegraph, ETH 2 staking DApp Rocket Pool's David Rugendyke said that a part of the v2.0 protocol has been deployed to specifically facilitate deposits. However, Rugendyke's opinion is based on speculation, but if he's correct, that means Ethereum is ready to take its solution onto the mainnet.

Ethereum community members commented that the v2.0 protocol was already seen on Github, suggesting that the organization, i.e. Ethereum, is expediting its adoption of the crucial solution. However, some developers have said it's best to wait for an official confirmation as nefarious parties may use the hype to release a fake contract and defraud consumers.

The Github appearance has caused a bit of confusion, with some people jumping in early, but others advising patience and ETH's official go-ahead. When the ETH 2.0 deposit contract is released, though, it would make the transition to ETH 2.0 a reality.

To put things in perspective, ETH v2.0 is a new and improved version of the ecosystem. It's designed to tackle the huge traffic caused by DeFi, forcing many companies and consumers to grapple with higher fees of transactions and lower speeds.

However, to see the release of ETH v2.0, the company first needs to release several contracts, including this ETH 2.0 deposit contract. If the contract is out there, online casino sites such as, 1xBit, and CasinoFair would have the tools to expedite their transaction speeds and offset some of the weight of decentralized finances that has been clogging up the network recently.

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Written by Tudor

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