Esports pro flips Dookey Dash NFT for $1.63m

The Fortnite pro who won the Yuga Labs esports competition managed to sell his token for a sum higher than his professional winnings to date.

Esports player Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson has flipped his Dookey Dash key NFT for a whopping $1.63m.

He sold it to Adam Weitsman, a billionaire entrepreneur, who paid 1,000 Ethereum (ETH) tokens for the privilege of owning the non-fungible token.

This is still short of what Jackson originally hoped to fetch, listing the NFT for 3,333 ETH, or roughly $5.45m at the time of writing.

He has since come to a much more satisfying outcome for the buyer, with Jackson agreeing to sell the valuable digital asset to Weitsman who, according to the player, looked like a “nice guy”.

Jackson thanked Yuga Labs for hosting the competition that was designed to highlight its products and games and assured that all royalties will be paid in full.

The sale of the Dookey Dash NFT will also fetch 5% in royalties as part of the sale, around 50 ETH or $82,000.

Weitsman is an interesting blip on the cryptocurrency radar, and perhaps a more permanent member of the community, too.

Weitsman made his fortune in the scrap metal business and has established himself as a supporter of the cryptocurrency community.

He also launched a crypto mining business through Viridium back in 2021 and has been buying different assets in the community as part of his growing portfolio.

Jackson, who plays Fortnite professionally, and has earned $706,104 from competing in the video game, won the Yuga Labs event earlier this month.

He confirmed that he is looking forward to new competitions. The player is only 18 years of age. Yet, the sale of his token is his biggest success in esports yet.

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Written by Alex


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