ESIC smacks 37 counter-strike coaches with lengthy bans

According to the ESIC, which launched a thorough investigation on September 4, the coaches banned in the latest move were all cognisant of the fact that they were exploiting the game in an unfair way, giving their team an advantage.

The ESIC noted that all 37 coaches – 34 banned just now and three before – have been aware of their wrongdoing but have chosen to act to the detriment of the enemy’s team by abusing an exploit that should have been reported.

All 37 parties have received bans varying from a few months to three years.

During that time, coaches may still be in charge of CS: GO squads, but they would not be able to communicate with said teams around the time of events nor be anywhere near their teams as the event takes place.

ESIC had to go through some 96,500 demos and deemed that in 25,000 there might have been cheating.

However, upon examining the 25,000 demos, only 0.1% turned to be positive for cheating using the exploitation. 

The bug, which allows spectators to roam freely around the map and report on the whereabouts on all players involved, has been known to the competitive community since at least 2017.

However, it’s thanks to the ESIC that attempts to cheat and gain such unfair advantages have surfaced.

That, in turn, means that all blockchain betting websites, including Cloudbet,, and FortuneJack will be able to expand their reach in terms of new markets, knowing that the ESIC would guarantee the fairness of the contest. 

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Written by David


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