Incoming NY mayor calls for crypto curriculum

Incoming New York mayor Eric Adams is determined to push Bitcoin (BTC) adoption in the state and is now looking to push crypto in the city’s schools.

He wants schools to create a cryptocurrency-focused curriculum or, rather, introduce the subject to youngsters. He has repeatedly described crypto as a “new way to pay for goods and services”, and has extolled its virtues time and again, most recently in a CNN interview.

The proposition has naturally divided people on social media, and beyond. Some Twitter users, such as Nina Abed, welcomed the idea, and argued that crypto should be incorporated into studies so that young adults are familiar and keep an open mind and sufficient knowledge of the asset.

However, others objected and riposted that schools should teach science, language, math, history and financial concepts before they advance into the world of crypto which often lacks any founding rules to go by.

Adams seems committed to push crypto in every way possible. He wants to transform New York into America’s crypto hub, a lofty aspiration that is contested by at least one other city, with Miami’s mayor Suarez on amicable terms with Adams.

The push for crypto to be taught in schools comes after the mayor-elect vowed to accept a few of his paychecks in BTC, a matter that has not yet been cleared with Town Hall.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about bringing more crypto operations to New York. The city has opposed its defunct power plants being transformed into crypto mining operations, citing the potential environmental impact.

The state passed a bill that prohibited crypto mining outright, but then amended it to include operations that are based on renewable sources of energy.

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