Epic Games to create metaverse programming language

The new language will introduce higher scalability, practicality, and faster transactions.

Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine, is launching a metaverse-oriented programming language.

The new initiative titled Verse is an inaugural Web3 programming language surrounding five principles the company believes are “key to building the future of the metaverse”.

Overall, the language supports an open economy governed by rules rather than corporate authorities.

The project aims to assist in the development of interoperable content by leveraging the operational standards from multiple game engines and enabling live updates of running code.

In doing so, other engines like Unreal Engine and Unity can be supported.

Furthermore, Epic Games will also publish papers and specifications for those to implement alongside offering a compiler, verifier and runtime under an open-source permission licence without any IP obstructions.

In an official presentation explaining the key principles of Verse, Epic Games stated that the Web3 programming languages are turing-complete.

Such a feature means that the languages can be utilized “in a computationally universal system”, which can help evolve the industry.

Alongside this benefit, the languages will also introduce higher scalability, practicality and faster transactions.

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Written by Isabella Aslam


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