Edgeless, the Ethereum smart contract-based casino, has broken its one-day wagering volume record with more than two million EDG tokens bet on the platform on a single day over the weekend.

In a Twitter post, Edgeless confirmed the record for volume wagered on one day had been broken, with more than 2.4 million EDG bet, the equivalent of around $380,000.

Edgeless has been steadily building significant volumes over the past few weeks, and it appears the market is responding.

After hitting an all-time low market cap of $5.2 million on November 20 of last year, and sitting at just $6 million in mid-December, Edgeless has enjoyed an impressive month of growth.

EDG tokens are currently trading at almost $0.16 for a total market cap of $16 million, an increase of more than 160 percent on its mid-December price.